From the late seventies, further to the French Rugby Union initiative, a strategic mission was assigned to the Technical Committee in addition to the organisation of competitions: to manage and develop all sport aspects/sections (respect of rugby values, management of rules application, educators and referees training and designations, players, coaches, referees and officials disciplinary).

Two subcommittees were set up: administration (legal, competitions’ organization and management), and technical, including non-elected members.

Because of the expansion of members, FIRA and Rugby Europe have always focused on training to boost rugby development within unions members.

Under Regional Training Manager and thanks to World Rugby support, Rugby Europe training policy involve educators, officials, coaches as well as referees and covers the full scope of topics related to these positions.

This policy is defined in Rugby Europe Strategic Plan and implemented all year long with unions members in accordance with targeted goals.

Until 2016, Europe set up 1.898 courses. About 48 countries organizes courses for coaches (Level1, 2 and 3; XV or ‘7), match officials (Level1, 2 and 3; XV or 7s), strength & conditioning coach (level 1 & 2), medical (level 1 and 2), coach of match official, educators and trainers.

About 28.500 candidates participated and upgraded their knowledge and skills, confirming Europe in the first position of Training and Education system of World Rugby, having now 207.163 people involved in rugby.

Rugby Europe provides the technical assistance necessary for the development of the game by way of competitions and training courses. World Rugby (WR) delegates responsibility for the development of rugby in Europe to Rugby Europe.

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